I Am Love

I wrote this poem about a year ago when my husband and I were going through the EMS Online course, something which I highly recommend. I can honestly say this course was a marriage saver for us. I wrote it when we were barely six months past D-day. My husband was desperate for forgiveness and affirmation; I was desperate for hope and healing. My desire is that it will bring you some of both. Remember, you are stronger than you think, braver than you believe, and worth more than you feel. Never give up.

Bold = Words of the Unfaithful

Italic = Words of the betrayed


I Am Love


Will you love me as romance is sprung,
When love is easy, fresh and young?

            I will love you from the start,
            When with our vows you won my heart.

Will you love me through and through,
When life is thrilling and brand new?

            I will love you heart and soul,
            When we hold hands and through life stroll.

Well would you love me as we age,
When life gets harsh and turns a page?

            I will love you through the years,
            When living life brings joys and tears.

And could you love me in the dark,
When times get tough and there's no spark?

            You have my heart till time stands still,
            My love is yours, your wish my will.

But now that I have broke your heart,
Will you love as from the start?
I did not honor, did not forsake,
I did betray, your heart did break.
Can you love through tears and pain,
This worthless shell whose heart is vain?
Will your love survive my guilt,
When I destroyed the dreams we built?

            Oh worthless love you robbed my soul!
            You trashed my heart and dealt a blow!
            My strength is frail, my spirit low,
            Naive was I life brought such woe!
            You've caused me pain, you've made me cry,
            My days are weary, by night I sigh.
            How can I live, how can I trust?
            When love is twisted, torn and bust?

Please love me now, I beg, I plead!
Don't go from me, you're all I need!|
Oh please don't leave me in my shame,
Without your love, myself to blame!

            Love does not burn with the flames,
            My love is more than fun and games.
            I will love you, this I choose,
            Pain will not win, the tears will lose.
            My love is strong, it will not bend,
            My love will last until the end.
            You have my love, you have my heart,
            Until the end, Till death us part.

            I am love, I am not small,
            I am love, I conquer all.

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That is really beautiful,

That is really beautiful, Lisa.
Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
1 Corinthians 13:7


Thank you for posting this. This really shows how the faithful spouse grows and changes from this experience; completely full circle! For me, as I grew and changed (became strong), my husband became humble and together we were able to see one another for who we really are; perfectly-imperfect people. Thanks and my God continue to bless you on this journey.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing, truly hopeful, and inspiring.

I agree, a beautiful poem

You have expressed so beautifully the feelings and emotions of infidelity and love. It brought many tears to my eyes, it is very powerful. I take a tremendous amount of inspiration and hope from your beautiful poem, and it is so caring and wonderful that you are sharing this with everyone. Thank you so much.

So good

Thank you for sharing!

Lisa I have really been able

Lisa I have really been able to relate to you as my story is not the same but similar!! This poem is the most beautiful thing! Bless you

Learning to get on

That's beautiful, thank you for sharing

I felt this at 6 months out.

I felt this at 6 months out. Now, this cuts to the quick. These words (in your poem) seem too innocent now. Maybe ignorant (for me) is a better word.

I feel manipulated into believing untruths about my husband's infidelity. I don't know if it's real at this point, or if I'm just unable to discern anything right now. I'm afraid of discovering something about my husband that is a deal breaker. I'm leary of believing him.

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