Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind: Discussing Healthy Coping and Connecting with Others

Woven into our basic makeup is the desire and need to “do life together”. By connecting with others - sharing openly, being honest, and not minimizing our struggles, we develop healthy stress coping mechanisms that enable us to get out of our own heads and keep our hearts and minds healthy.

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This is great - thank you for

This is great - thank you for sharing Mickey.
'Build a new comfort zone' I LOVE that idea. I love the fact I can change my comfort zone in a good way. I'm not stuck with my old one for the rest of my life , I can build a new healthier one.

Thanks Marc, that's right,

Thanks Marc, that's right, you can build new comofort zones - think of it as learning to play golf or a new language, as you practice and work through the learning curve, you "groove" it and muscle memory takes over and then you have a new comfort zone! Happy Holidays!

Thanks again Mickey. I

Thanks again Mickey. I resonate with you talking about having conversations with other men & not being dismissive or minimizing my situation. But on the other hand since I am no longer doing that (for the most part), I now find myself being more open and talking to a few men, but for some reason the conversation stops there & if it does continue it only does so if I pick it up again, if I reach out, if I do the work, otherwise it doesn't continue. I struggle to build meaningful friendships, but I appreciate your advise & am praying that things will develop differently in 2024.

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