After All We’ve Been Through

Lately things have been rather challenging to say the least. There’s been far more frustration and far more disappointment than I care to itemize or re-live. Such is life I know, and anyone reading this blog for perspective and insight will attest to life being less than perfect right now.

Last night Samantha and I were lying down just talking through the day and life and all the recent developments. It struck me to remember how much we’ve come through in our marriage and in our recovery. It grieved me with how easily I can forget all that’s transpired and be paralyzed by fear in an instant. Something inside of me is still painfully fragile. After all we’ve been through, all we’ve survived, all that God has allowed us to overcome and triumph over, I should be fearless. Absolutely fearless.

Most days I’m just not. I’m worried about issues with the kids, I’m worried about how we’re going to pay for this bill and how we’re going to pay for college and retirement, you name it. I know most of you can all relate to the worries and fears I’m describing.  

However, this morning I’ve come to remember just how much we’ve come through. I’ve been remembering the dark times I’ve had to push through and reach out for God’s mercy, God’s direction and His grace. I remembered a quote I heard not too long ago: “Don’t let yourself drown in this puddle of water, when you’ve already come through a sea of trauma.”

Some of you are in a sea of trauma and pain. As you walk through it, and as you persevere, you’ll one day be in a puddle and remember the sea. You’ll have to choose to not let the puddle of water drown you, and you’ll have to draw upon the same grace, mercy and perseverance to push through what seems so infinitesimal compared to the nightmare you’ve already endured.

You can do it today.  God is not done with you or your story. 

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Thank you so much, there is

Thank you so much, there is so much truth in what you have just written and today was a good day to have read it. There are definitely times when we just seem to be walking through puddles. Again thank you for helping me to keep looking forward and not back at that stormy sea.

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