Infidelity, Betrayal Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Healing from infidelity requires expert care in every facet of both personal and marital restoration. However, a nebulous area of healing can be found in addressing childhood wounds like neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Without an understanding of what wounds and pain we've experienced as children, we can find that the timeline for us is not only confusing, but also longer and more erratic. When we tap into the help of true trauma experts who have been through their own timeline of infidelity and childhood trauma, we not only find light at the end of the tunnel, but a concrete explanation of what's happening inside of us. Today you'll meet Amanda, a trauma expert of precisely this kind who shares practical and life-changing information about how to address our childhood wounds, and how they continue to affect our attempts to heal from infidelity and/or addiction.

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the interview with Amanda

Thank you Samuel for caring so much. I watch your blog posts and videos every day as I navigate thru my Betrayal. You have been a lifeline for me.

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