It's Time to Remove What Doesn't Belong

Samuel discusses a much needed principle in recovery:  consecration from what doesn't belong in our lives.

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should and how i forgive him

my husband had affair with his coworker for last 10 years. I caught ,intervene and he stopped. he promised he will resign from this job by December 2015 but he did not. now everyday he apologise for his betrayal but wants to continue his job and asking me to forgive and start a fresh new married life. for last 10 or more years he treated me with rudeness had ignored and criticised me for everything but still I was ready to give him a chance provided that he resign from this job .what should I do and how ? should I forgive?

Tas....that's devastating for sure...

Hi Tas, i'm terribly sorry to hear the situation. for starters, remember forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. it's for yourself and to heal. forgiveness doesn't disempower you, it actually empowers you to live a healthier life and find new life. i would forgive him as you need to to heal. these articles will help: so that's some help with forgiveness. HOWEVER if he refuses to quit his job, that's a deal breaker for me based upon your situation. so i would then use this article in my approach to getting him to realize if he won't quit his job you're not going to stand for it: i'd also watch this blog I did called they get to say no, but life is going to change, meaning there are consequences to them not doing what they said they would do: it's not about dying on the sword of their word meaning 'you said you would quit you need to quit.' it's the fact that working where the affair partner works is a disaster waiting to happen. i hope these resources help. i'm happy to keep sharing withyou as well. thanks for reading and commenting.

What type of affair was it?

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