What Do You Need to Own about the Relationship? Healing from Infidelity

Samuel shares a key viewpoint which is essential for couples to heal from infidelity or addiction.

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Thanks production team

Yup, hone run bud. We have been through EMSO, H4H, and HH. While that has established a supportive community, new friends, and some accountability, objectivity seems to have eluded us this far. I've felt the need for both of us to seek out an infidelity specialist counselor. Many times, objectivity coming from a spouse can be taken the wrong way. Perhaps a counselor would be more effective at getting through the defenses, helping ask the right questions, and indeed calling BS when necessary. Thanks again for providing this information to all of us on this journey. Its has been and continues to be invaluable to me and many others. Great job

thanks so much Angus

means a ton my friend.  thanks so much for your encouragement.  


I am going through a infidelity from my spouse. He does not want to leave his mistress and I need help for my daughter and myself. I have seen many of your videos on you tube in witch you give out great professional advice. Please advice me as to how I can seek assistance from you,

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