Who is in Charge of Recovery?

How do you know what's right or wrong in recovery after an affair? Samuel shares in this video, how to find a compass in recovery to make sure both spouses are doing what is right.

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I am in charge of my own recovery. But for the last almost 2 years I have been driving the bus so to speak as our recovery as a couple. I have parked the bus, laid the keys on the dashboard, and am walking down the road now. He destroyed our marriage, and in the process almost destroyed me. Do the car wreck victim drive themselves to the hospital? HELL NO....so why has it taken me so long to figure out that this man is NEVER going to man up and do what needs to be done? He is happy to ride on the bus, sit right behind the driver and give his back seat instructions or comments on the driving, but riding the bus is much easier than driving, and cost him very little. This driver is done. She is off the bus and on her way to rebuilding her life. We have done EMSO, H4H, and HH. We are currently in M4L....but since I won't be reminding him of the calls, emailing him the homework, scheduling time for us to read the chapters in the book for the call, and all the other things that I do each week to make sure that this happens I am thinking it won't last much longer....this is currently the only recovery work that he half way does....Samuel thank you for your vlogs and your passion to help others. I wish some of the others that are on here had the same passion, especially the betrayed wives. Don't get me wrong you and Rick are really great, but sometimes I really wish I knew how other betrayed women have made it.

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