Will This Always Be a Part of Our Lives?

Samuel answers a viewer's question surrounding the future of those who are trying to heal from infidelity.

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Thank you for another great

Thank you for another great video. I agree with many of your points. However, what about those of us recovering alone? I came to AR with such hope but my UH left - has continued his affair and false recovery. I wish AR talked more to those of us who are trying to make our way as a single following the trauma of infidelity. I have completed HH, in EMDR counseling, attend church. But the reality is my life looks NOTHING like it did one year ago. Rebuilding is worth it - I believe that. It is just overwhelming.

Smooth sailing?

This comment/question is aimed toward Samuel.

First off, thank you for all that you do and share via Affair Recovery. Without this portal, I am not sure where my wife and I would be in our marriage. The utilization of the information, stories, videoblogs, boot camp, etc. has truly been a blessing.

My question is, should my wife or I be concerned that our very new discovery is going too good? I am the unfaithful and D-Day was only 45 days ago. I have accepted full responsibility for my actions, lies, deception, etc. and with full disclosure of the particulars of my affair. I've committed to absolute zero contact with the AF. We have continued marriage counseling and I am also seeing a counselor for my habitual lying tendencies over the past year. We visit AR only a daily basis and are going to sign up for EMS online here next week. In both our eyes and hearts, the recovery has been not as excruciating as either of us anticipated.

Are we kidding ourselves? Are we in for a ride awakening? Please let me know. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

What type of affair was it?

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