Marriage - Battle or Balcony

When going into battle you know that you need to prepare. You wear a helmet and armor. You have weapons and shields. You have a battle plan and fallback instructions. You have team mates who will stand at your side. First aid is standing by. You have a train of people providing support and encouragement. Marriage is a battle. We are faced with enemies and temptations on all sides. Pornography. Apathy. Easy divorce. Facebook. The media. We could go on and on.

On the other hand, the world would have us believe that marriage is 2 against the world; all romantic balconies in scenic locations. Heart fluttering, breathtaking, sweep you off your feet “lurve”. The enemy wants us to wing it and to follow our feelings. He wants you to believe the lies of the world. He wants you to believe all you need is each other. He wants us to believe that pornography “enhances” a marriage. He wants us to believe that your “happiness” is what matters.

Interesting how God’s view of marriage and worlds are completely opposite. God’s plan focuses on eternal joy versus the immediate and temporary happiness of the world. We can look at the world around us and see how morals and the family unit have eroded and continue to be minimized.

I don’t think marriage always needs to be a battlefield. There is peace and joy and fun. It’s important that we remember though to be prepared at all times for the battles we will face. Don’t “wing it”. Fight hard for your marriage and your spouse. Build the hedges that will shield you from the temptations. Assemble a support system that can help. Fight for what is really true.

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