Recovery Library Membership Changes

Affair Recovery is making some changes to Recovery Library Memberships.

Nine years ago, our vision for the Recovery Library was to create an immense database of expert knowledge. A large part of this database stemmed from our Recovery Library Members and the questions submitted for the Expert Q&A.

Fast forward to today, we are thrilled to have filmed over 1,500 questions answered by infidelity experts. It took thousands of hours of filming, editing in post-production, and categorizing on the website and has been worth every second of it.

As of February 15, 2019, the ability to submit a question will only be available to participants actively involved in our courses - including EMS Weekend, EMS Online, Harboring Hope, and Hope for Healing. But do not fear, all Recovery Library Members will continue to have access to the Library’s 3,000 total resources (including filmed Q&A Videos and articles).

We are also excited to announce a new Recovery Library feature, Mentor Stories! This new Recovery Library category will be available February 15th and will include encouragement and hope through full-length videos of mentors sharing their journeys of healing. You can view a preview below.

We appreciate and thank all of our Recovery Library Members for making the Recovery Library what it is today - one of the largest resources in the world for healing after infidelity.

To Healing,
The Hope-Now Team

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