Songs for the Soul | Triggers (S2:E6)

The Triggers Song. Triggers - They can be anything and come from anywhere. Triggers rob us of our time, peace, and sometimes sanity. They are real and a very big deal when navigating the recovery journey of cheating/infidelity/affairs.

In this episode Rodney and Angela start by discussing triggers, how they felt them, how they managed them, how they replaced them, and overall how they navigated them in the journey of recovery. Through her testimony and harmony Angela shares this inspiring, encouraging, and even a little fun song.

We are so excited to share Season 2, Episode 5 of ‘Songs for the Soul’ with Rodney & Angela. Songs for the Soul was created by this inspiring couple as a space where their testimony meets their harmony, to encourage couples and individuals who are overcoming infidelity.

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This was great :)

Of all your episodes this was my favorite - it connected with me. It combined your beautiful healing journey (and voices) with how hard triggers can be, and how they can bring out our darker sides at times. Thank you for not shying away from the reality we all face in this journey.

You're so welcome! We're

You're so welcome! We're blessed to be able to do what we do. God is faithful! THANK YOU for watching. Glad you're being blessed and entertained :) ~Rodney and Angela


What a blessing. Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your story. After 30 years, I am on a solo recovery journey, this song is a great reminder of our humanity and the power we can tap into and go directly to God to renew my mind and deal with the triggers head on, with prayer.
Thank you

God bless you Kisha. Thank

God bless you Kisha. Thank you for watching and sharing your story. No matter the journey, we all need the Savior! And I know He's with you and giving you what you need to take the next step. As believers our steps are ordered by the Lord! Keep looking to Him. He's got you. I can already tell you know that :) ~Rodney and Angela

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