Affairs are About Escaping

Affairs are about escaping . Today, I discuss the nature of affairs and escapism and how to avoid relapsing.

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The really sad part of escapism is that you take yourself with you, and that's where the problem lies. When you learn to be emotionally aware about yourself then you can make progress. You need to be brutally honest about your immaturity, selfishness and disregard for others.

Samuel, I have really

Samuel, I have really enjoyed the videos that AR is posting now, but I admit I miss the written blogs too. I think my husband is more apt to watch a video than read a written blog. But for me, a few times I watched the video and thought it was helpful so a few days later I wanted to remember a point, but I can't click on the entry and just read it quickly. I bring this up because I wanted to remember your second and third point from this video, but didn't have time to watch the whole thing again before the kids wake up. Some of us are visual learners in addition to audio - long way to say I miss the writing, it was very therapeutic sometimes! Can you vary it up a lil? (Just asking!)


Another totally brilliant video clip
thank you



You're right! Escapism-it makes sense now. I've been trying to rationalize the cause of the affair always asking why???? Was it my fault? Did I do something to deserve this? Therapy has taught me not to blame myself for the affair. He (unfaithful) was the weak one. We built a life together for 28 years and he threw it away for 3 months of selfishness, plain and simple. His escapism led to the death of our marriage (as our therapist says) now we our trying to start over.

What type of affair was it?

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