Interview with an Expert: How Childhood Messages Can Cause Infidelity or Addiction

Samuel interviews best selling author Thomas Gagliano and discusses self sabotage, infidelity and addiction.

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You nailed it again

Another great Vblog and spot on. Question Samuel where is the last clip you told him you were going to show us, the audience? By the way my Wife and I Loved and got so much out of the Virtual EMS Weekend as you said we would.

Thanks for all you do,
Dave and Jennie

thank you...sorry must have been production error

it's tough with zoom.   my producer may have forgotten or not been able to put it in.  apologies.  so glad the weekend helped you both. 


Omygoodness!! I am always a fan but this was fantastic information. I need to read his book about crap in a kids diaper!! Some of what he talks about is so my life. Could you pls provide a link to his web site or book titles?

As always thank you so much for the work you do and the effort you put into bringing such wonderful information to us.


This was such a great video. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic author. Ordering his book today! It's like he was reading my diary.....
We appreciate all you do here at EMS and pray the Lord bless you for your care of others.

Support groups

Was watching the Thomas Gagliano video and it really resonated with what my husband and I are going through. We have had terrible luck finding support groups, especially during Covid. Do you have any on-line support group resources?

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What type of affair was it?

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I would highly recommend giving this a try.
-D, Texas