Am I Chasing Away My Spouse With Expectations?

Today Samuel tackles the concern of pushing the unfaithful toward their affair partner.

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Expectations of recovery

Great video. What about in early stages of recovery, where you feel their efforts of therapy and research are half-hearted but they tell you they're really trying and doing it their way?

good question...

thank you for posting.  is it the unf or the betrayed doin this?  beyond those answers, the fact is, time will tell.  they could be stalling, they may be genuinely working hard.  time will reveal the seriousness of their efforts and how committed they are.  to say they are doing it 'their way' is probably the biggest red flag in what you've posted.  the fact is, 'their way' is not going to bring about clarity or healing if it's in opposition to what an expert has asked them to do.  if you'll share a bit more for me i'll see what specifics i can share with you.  take care and thanks for watching and posting.