Bitterness Part 2: What it Does

Samuel continues his discussion on bitterness in today's video sharing what it actually does to you.

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I agree, HOW do I resist bitterness?

Thank you for this excellent encouragement. I have been determined to completely FORGIVE, to not punish my husband or wish him to suffer or "pay". I am grateful that he stayed with me and is working worth me to rebuild. I do not want to be bitter, resentful, or live as a victim!! But I have these constant reminders that shoot arrows into my heart and steal my joy! I wish the arrows were lies... but they are true. They often result in physical pain in my heart and tears flowing. What do I do to make them stop? I would love to not be reminded daily and often throughout the day. I am a couple of weeks short 2 years since D-day. His affair was 6 years. Every photo of us and our family (during that time), many dates, phrases he used to say to her, places.... it's ridiculous. How can I take the "stinger" out of those thoughts without shifting in to denial? Help???