The Day Samantha Told Me She Wanted a Separation...

Samuel shares about the day Samantha informed him she wanted a separation and what it did for their recovery.

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inner circle

I think my husband has maybe one or two people, but I don't think they talk often. I think he would like to find other people, but it seems hard to do. How did the process of finding people that you can be open with really work? He has said in the past that he doesn't want to tell new people about his past and feel like they are judging him.


Great video Samuel!
When I saw the topic I was eager to listen. I am the unfaithful. Our D-Day is approaching the 1 year anniversary (Aug. 19th). At first my wife was so numb she wasn't sure what to do. I, like you in many ways thought that we could "just get through it". That all changed when my wife decided she wanted a separation. In many ways it was a major wake up call for me. And looking back I am proud of my wife for making that decision. I also know now that it was incredibly important for not only us and our marriage (if we have a future) but also for our own individual healing/recovery. I was terrified when we separated. We have been married for almost 23 years now and this was the first time Id lived alone for quite some time. I will never forget moving out and or signing a lease on an apartment. It truly was one of the lowest times in my life. While I understood how devastating my choices were to my wife and our marriage it was those first few nights alone in my empty apartment that fully grasped the consequences of what I had done. I spent a lot of time on my knees praying for guidance/help/grace during our separation. I also found a lot of personal growth and began taking my own recovery very seriously (starting celebrate recovery among other things). 7 weeks later we ended the separation and I moved back home. Soon after that we attended the EMS weekend.

We still have a long way to go. I can see great progress but it seems to be measured by fractions of an inch. Approaching the anniversary has been difficult. There are still days where divorce seems like a distinct possibility. While I want nothing more than to reconcile and save my marriage we both want to fully submit to God and his will first and foremost.

Anyway, Thanks again for your video. It brought back some very painful and difficult memories but they are memories I need to never forget. I keep a photo of my ugly little apartment on my phone just as a reminder.

great story pwrwgn...

thanks so much for sharing your story and insight here.  so encouraged by your progress and your take on it.  it's painful as all get out, that's for sure.  loved your story and post though.  thank you for watching,


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