Where Do We Go from Here? Hope for the Couple or Divorcee after Infidelity

Samuel shares long term insight and hope for couples and individuals trying to heal.

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Samuel do you fully understand the meaning of jumping on the Grenade?
I know the full meaning of the term jumping on the Grenade to save the rest of your Squad. I'm US Army 73-75. Fact is the Unfaithful pulled the Pin and threw it to the innocent Betrayed and blew their World to Hell. I fully understand you are trying to give the Unfaithful Hope but from the Betrayed side that I am on this is a major Trigger. Their is nothing Heroic about what they did as the term jumping on the Grenade implies. Don't get me wrong I appreciate all you and the rest of the AR team do. Some of the terms and words trigger the Betrayed beyond belief.


yah i get it.....

i didn't mean it as heroic.  i meant it as blowing up my own world and it being my choice and my fault.  sorry, i'm not perfect and when you do these things....you make mistakes.  thanks for pointing it out.  i'll choose my words more carefully as it didn't come off the way i wanted it to.  thank you


Thanks for that. I also meant

Thanks for that. I also meant no disrespect to you or any of the great work you do. My Wife and I have learned so much from most everything you do.

Stay safe and keep up the good work,

Thank you

Thank you for your encouragement.... I so want to encourage others who are going through this hell. Once I’m completely healed I would like to do exactly what you’ve done ...... let people know they are not alone. I want to encourage people that they can and will survive. It’s been over a year for me and through A LOT of hard work and prayer, I’m slowly getting there. Thank you for your videos. They have helped me so much. Thank you for posting regularly. You need to know that sometimes just getting that email that there is a new post is the only thing that gets you through that day. ..... God bless us all

man that is so encouraging.....

you've encouraged me so much.  i teared up reading the comment about just getting the notification gets you through the day.  thank you so much for being brave and posting that.  means so much.  proud of you and your resilience. 


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