Help for the Unfaithful Spouse: Starting Life over Again

Samuel shares his own experience in adjusting to life after disclosure and embracing new patterns in life.

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Exactly Describes me

Samuel, Thank you so much for this video. I am the unfaithful and I was exposed three days ago. The first two days I did not leave the bed and today I tried to reflect a little by taking a walk but I am definitely still "laying on my face" and my spouse (who is hurting so bad because of my actions) wants nothing to do with me. Your video at least gave me a little hope that maybe not tomorrow or in the next few weeks but at some point to stop the pity blanket I have wrapped myself in and get up and face the music. I wrote in big font "The last two and a half years I made it about me and now it is time for it to be about my spouse" and I hope to think of that message in the weeks and months and years to come, if I am lucky enough for her to give me another chance, which I am not sure she will give. (sorry for the long comment, it was suppose to be a Thank you for the advice comment).

so glad you found us

hi there.  so glad you're here my friend.  i know it's a tough time and i know it's awful.  but getting up and facing the music is the best thing you can do.  we can help you both heal and we can provide a safe place for you.  the free bootcamp will help you as well which you can find here:  reach out anytime my friend.  my email is


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