How to Diffuse Bitterness: Part 1

Samuel continues his video series today on bitterness and discusses techniques on diffusing and overcoming it.

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I appreciate your description of how one must make a determination to just keep doing the work regardless of where you find yourself that day. That is such a wonderful principle and it's also in Scripture. It tells us to knock and keep on knocking and eventually the door will be opened. Scripture also tells us to plow up the fallow ground of the heart and that anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the kingdom. He isn't criticizing us there. The word "fit" means in shape for or exercised enough in spiritual matters to withstand. That's why we must build stamina. You said it so well. It's a decision in any area of struggle or life. We CHOOSE and in doing so we become fit and exercised which builds our strength an endurance. In my 58 years I've discovered only one motivating force powerful enough to sustain us in our choosing and that is LOVE. We might not feel loving. We might want to cut someone's head off and spit down their necks. But in CHOOSING we become strong in His strength and our own weakness is made strong.
Samuel, when i first started listening to you I wanted to knock you out. One day I felt like i heard the Lord say "If you will stop seeing him as an unfaithful first, but as a man who CHOSE faithfulness your heart will soften and you will see principles behind what he is saying." That's what happened. It happened when I CHOSE to prioritize my views of another human being.

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