The Trauma of Infidelity Will Make You Do What You Never Thought You Would Do

Samuel shares insight in today's video on how infidelity can seemingly drowns it's victims.

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I’m looking for a valid email address I tried the one at the top of the page and it after I wrote my letter it wouldn’t take it because it didn’t see it as a valid email address was hoping you could help me with that is a good email

you can try that one. 

Getting through the crisis

I was struck by the story your wife told. About how you were able to take what she threw at you, deservedly so. I'm in a similar situation where I am getting what I deserved from my betrayed wife (deservedly so), as well as from myself. I know I'm in a fight and I am committed to take on whatever I need to because I caused this pain and destruction of my marriage and life. What tips do you have for me? I have no roadmap for what to do here. I know I have an end goal of being a better man and person I, my kids and hopefully my wife will be proud of again. I'm just seeking for strength or hope. I appreciate your or anyone else's support in advance. Thank you.

sorry for the delay...

just got the notification.  very sorry.  i would do the bootcamp with her or on your own for pointers and understanding.  watch as many videos as you can on the site.  ask her to consider doing the harboring hope course for her own healing too while you do the hope for healing for your own recovery work:  expert help is the way out and the way through.   you'll have to commit to the process and be patient with her as she heals and as you both get help . 

What type of affair was it?

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