Surviving Infidelity and Betrayal Trauma Through Emotional Boundaries

Emotional boundaries are essential if a couple is going to survive the upheaval of infidelity or addiction. A boundaryless recovery will exacerbate all parties, including children, extended family, and even mental health professionals attempting to help. Utilizing emotional boundaries in everyday life can be hard enough, and to expect that the use of these boundaries will be easy in dealing with infidelity would not only be unrealistic, but inconsiderate of the pain and trauma we encounter early in life. However, with the right process and healing guides, emotional boundaries can serve as guideposts to help partners navigate through the complexity involved with protecting themselves from further damage. Today Samuel will share principles, personal mistakes, and eye-opening experiences from his own life to help those on both sides of the infidelity or addiction find healing, encouragement, and courage to define and implement these much-needed boundaries.

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