How Do I Put Myself Back Together Again after Infidelity?

Samuel shares insight into how both spouses can heal after infidelity.

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Thank You

I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this site and the YouTube channel has been for me. After years of being lied to about my husband's pornography addiction and his dating site accounts and the chats... oh the list goes on and on. This last time (May 2018) he swore that was it he was getting help; he sent one single email to a support group and that was it. I've had enough, I told him 2 days ago I was leaving. I stumbled across the YouTube channel the other night and have learned more about his addiction and my recovery from watching these than I have from my husband. I now have the courage and strength to say ok i've had enough, it's time for me.... Thank You again so much for saving me

incredibly kind to hear that

thank you so much Opal. means so much to get great feedback like that.  encourages me so much.  thank you for commenting and watching.


What type of affair was it?

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