How do you Trust Again? Part I

Today we start a new series on how to trust your mate and know if your mate is trustworthy after an affair.

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Is there anyway to post a transcript of your videos? I block access to videos because I am a recovering porn addict. I tried to unblock just the videos on but the software I use doesn't have the ability to do that. I would have to unblock the entire vimeo site, which I don't want to do. Thank you.



thank you for your comment. i have no idea to be honest. i'll ask the team on Monday at their staff meeting and see what options there are. i'm very sorry it's not easier to resolve.


Although not on staff, it would be an honor and privilege to provide transcripts. The content is extremely helpful and appreciated. It's the least I can do for all the benefit I've received from the videos. (Betrayed Spouse)