How Things Fall Into Place

I would like to tell you about one of the heated discussions I had with Rick about how things can fall into place into place in recovery, though it often times seems hopeless.

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This was a really good post

This was a really good post Samuel. It affirms a thought I had yesterday, well a thought my daughter brought up. Yesterday, she had been so excited to spend her $1.25 on the vending machine when summer camp was done for the day. The whole night before she had been dreaming about buying cinnamon sugar pita chips because she heard they were so good. So she was saving her money for it. When I picked her up, she was visibly upset because they had restocked the vending machine and put parmesan garlic chips in front of the ones she wanted. We ended up going to Target and the chips she wanted were on sale. Not the tiny bags from the vending machine, but a large chip bag for $2.50. So i bought her two of them. As she tried them out in the car, she exclaimed that these are "so good." She said - maybe God really wanted me to have a lot of cinnamon sugar pita chips today!

I thought about that, and she is exactly right. We talked about how maybe God didn't want her to spend her $1.25 on a small bag of chips, and thats why they were blocked in the vending machine. That God loves her so much and knew how much she was anticipating the chips, so he wanted to bless her abundantly with them! A little lesson from a little kid on a small scale - but was really meaningful to me. That God is not just a God who wants ordinary things for us, but He is God of the Extraordinary. That maybe the marriage I was going to have before my husband's affair was going to be just oh so ordinary, but God loves me so much that He wanted the extraordinary for me. Anyways -- thanks for posting. I hope your daughter is doing okay - please keep us posted on that.

Thanks Samuel. I come to the

Thanks Samuel. I come to the AR library looking for a drink from the fountain at lunch time. Today you provided it. Its much better for things to be in place according to God's plan than our plan.

a drink...

twister, great analogy and I'm grateful the blog helped you. thanks for your kind words and for reading them.

You are awesome Samuel

Your blogs are so so genuine and they touch my heart deeply. Your style is so simple yet so forthright and so truthful. I find your blogs really helpful and wait every week to watch the next one. Everything you say is so true to life it bowls me over. My husband wants to cut ties with his affair partner but can't find the resolution and courage to do so. He says he loves me and our 15 year old daughter immensely but he is just so stuck with his feelings for her as well. I don't know what and if I can do anything to help him at all . I just pray everyday that he can find Gods guidance and can hear his voice and obey that's all. I love him still so much and just want him to be happy. Without him I know I will never be happy again . He is the love of my life. We are not in such a nice place at all but your blogs are a gift to me in my despair.Thank you Samuel.

anonymous....thank you

very kind of you my friend. thank you for sharing such encouragement with me as it means more than you're probably aware of. i do all i can to be helpful and provide perspective and your comment encourages me and lifts me to carry on. these articles will help him if he will read them: you may want to read them too for perspective. i'll be praying and thank you again for taking time to comment.

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