Death, Burial and Resurrection... An Interview with Tullian Tchividjian

Samuel interviews Tullian Tchividjian about his personal journey before, during, and after infidelity.

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This interview gives me pause

Something about Mr. Tchividjian in this interview gave me pause as I felt a check in my spirit. He seems to have no remorse for how he hurt his covenant wife. He seems more wrapped up in how his life was nearly destroyed by his sin. He says the right things but they seem to fall flat. My suggestion is to listen to this interview prayerfully. The message may be important but the messenger seems less than authentic. (PS I really appreciate Simon’s authenticity and heart. His love for his wife and kids, his sorrow for his sin, and his care for the spiritual restoration of both the betrayer and betrayed are obvious. Thank you for your transparency and ministry.)

Silly spell check

I typed Samuel and it spell-checked to Simon. Sorry!