How Do I Fix My Relationship after Cheating: Marital Remodeling after an Affair

"Can a marriage recover from an affair" is one of the most popular questions we are asked at The answer is a resounding YES, if both parties are willing to do the work and commit to the process. Today, Alumnus Samuel shares practical and refreshing insight into answering that question, and how to do it. Rebuilding a marriage that has been ransacked by infidelity or addiction is no easy task, but it IS possible, when both parties have a proven blueprint for their own individual work, as well as that of the relationship. Upon early repair efforts, couples can become frustrated, angry and slip into a tangible hopelessness. Enter outside advisors who've never been through infidelity before, or well-meaning friends and family who often give unsolicited, unproved advice, and it's a recipe for disaster. After an affair, couples need proven guides who have gone this way before, who have made mistakes and enjoyed successes, and have lived to tell about it. As Samuel himself has said, "Everyone says what they will do when infidelity happens, until it actually happens." The road to healing is directed by those who have recovered from either their own affair, or their significant other's, and to receive insight from those who have never been through it before, provides not only an opportunity for confusion, but for more hurt, more trauma, and the opportunity to remain emotionally paralyzed. There is a better way, and today Samuel will talk about the proven pathways to personal and relational healing.

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