How the Unfaithful Can Win Back Trust and Safety When Dealing with Infidelity

Samuel shares a significant pointer for the unfaithful spouse trying to win back trust.

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Thank you again Samuel. As a

Thank you again Samuel. As a former unfaithful I know it took me longer than a few weeks to figure this out! At EMS weekend I felt I had a good handle on the why and an understanding of the damage I had done. However, it wasn't until feeling desparate and doing Hope for Healing that I truly began to see all the layers and parts of me I was still blind to, or at least minimizing. Letting go of the outcome was key to my healing and continues to be the key in learning to take responsibility for my actions.
Thanks for all you do to give back and help so many.

thanks for the comment candice

such a great comment.  thanks for sharing your insight.  i'm so glad you've seen the layers and are working through them.  i was blind and minimizing so much it was awful.  i'm so glad you're doing better and seeing things differently.  thanks for sharing your insight.