5 Things to Stop Doing After an Affair

Healing from infidelity is not for the faint of heart. After the disclosure of an affair, both spouses find themselves traumatized, looking for answers, direction and hope. As society has evolved and infidelity has become its own epidemic, there seems to be a wealth of advice being thrown out across the globe. Finding experienced, compassionate survivors and healers has become a necessary component to those who are courageously trying to heal from infidelity or addiction. While lists upon lists of what to do can oftentimes be helpful, have you ever wondered what NOT to do when it comes to healing and restoration? Have you ever wondered what might delay your healing, complicate your recovery, and frustrate the entire process? You’re in luck: today Samuel shares five poignant mistakes couples and individuals make that can significantly delay healing in both spouses and partners who are trying so desperately to recover and move forward. Momentum is never gained easily in recovery, and while we may mean well, we can frequently hurt our partner or spouse, and find them experiencing the opposite of what we so passionately wanted them to feel. I hope you’ll take a few minutes today to listen to five significant things you can stop doing in your attempt to heal your relationship and even your own heart.

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