If You're Doing This, Your Betrayed Spouse Is Losing Respect for You

Samuel shares critical insight for both the unfaithful and betrayed spouse who are trying to heal.

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Thanks for this right on

Thanks for this right on video. Could you pease do one on what it looks like to "Own" what you have done.

I agree

I too would like to know what it looks like to own it. I feel like I am trying to admit my faults as a man, husband and father. I hate even bringing up justifications for my actions. I have profoundly hurt my wife and our life. I want nothing more than to own what I did to help heal and hopefully build a better stronger life. I just feel like in the beginning of the crisis and looking to prove I'm owning it. Thank you for the video.



Very valid points but a mayor factor in the lost of respect for me (the BW) towards my UH, not mentioned in this video, is continual lying.

How is it even possible to start healing “US” when the unfaithful gives the betrayed no reason to believe them due to continues lies?

you're right

great observation.   however, that's pretty obvious right?  one would think that's a safe understanding that when someone continues to do that, their not trustworthy.   for the sake of time, my videos are not exhaustive at all and there are only so many points I can make in any one video. i've discussed this before in other videos.  sorry it wasn't in this particular one.

What type of affair was it?

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