Making Your Spouse Feel Safe

Samuel discusses what safety is and why it's needed for recovery after infidelity.

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This was a great blog. I

This was a great blog. I left a comment on the previous blog that actually I should have left in the comment section of this blog. Both blogs are extremely helpful and I want to thank you again for ALL of your so very helpful and insightful blogs. I apologize for any confusion.

The phone... I find myself

The phone... I find myself being jealous of a stupid phone. How much time he spent on that thing with her... How much time he still gives that phone. And still so protective. :/
The helping at home thing helps too, in many ways. I wish there was a mentor he felt he could really o

Continued from above...

Continued from above...
I wish there was a mentor he felt he could really open up with. (I'd kinda hoped for that with EMSO)
A minute long embrace, every day, would help with the feeling of intimacy & connectedness.
Also, please tell me, is it just against every fiber within a guy's DNA, to simply hold a woman and allow her to cry? Is it built in to them to shutdown at the first sign of a tear & say, "this is why we can't talk about things" or, "you say you want to talk about things, but then this happens..."?

Not every guy maybe just the guiltyones

This is something I have asked my wife to do after her PA. Just to feel wanted and comforted in my betrayal and pain. but I think our pain pushes the guilty button and they just want out.

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