Help: My Unfaithful Spouse Refuses to End the Affair

Samuel answers a question regarding how the betrayed spouse should respond when the unfaithful refuses to end their affair.

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What is an effective method

What is an effective method for ending an affair? My husband has tried sending an email - fail, telling her face to face - fail, Now I think it was a failure b/c he re-engaged and maybe even initiated. I wanted a phone call saying it is over, with me present. Now I am wondering if that is me trying to control and seek false safety. He says he has "backed away." that seems to weak and soft - not deliberate enough. not strong enough. I am not comfortable with it. However, I will say his AP is not going to go away easily. She has nothing to lose so to speak as she is single.

I probably watched this video

I probably watched this video 5 or 6 times today and several of your other videos multiple times just today as well. I'm so glad to have this resource and so thankful that you've put the time and heart into creating resources like this.

means more than you know my friend

getting messages like this NEVER gets old my friend.  means a ton as we do all we can to help those who are looking for healing, to actually find insight and help.  people sometimes think these things get old, NEVER.  so glad to help and be a friend of some sorts to you right now. 


What type of affair was it?

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