Roadblocks to Healing after an Affair: Why Does My Significant Other Refuse to Get Help?

When a relationship has been devastated by infidelity or addiction, we need answers. We want help, we want solace, and we want our broken hearts to heal. But, not everyone is as eager as we think they should be to seek healing. But why? Is it because of a past wound from a professional? Is it because the unfaithful has new information to share that they refuse to give up? Whatever the reason, refusing to get help after you've cheated or your spouse has cheated causes even more suspicion and confusion in the aftermath of discovery. Samuel often says, "the right people will give you the right process and bring about the right outcome." Today he'll discuss further why some unfaithful and betrayed partners refuse to get help, and how to proceed ahead anyway. While one partner may refuse to get help, it doesn't mean the other party can't take action to heal and move forward for their own well-being. There are so many reasons we don't want to get help, and those reasons can be all over the board. However, if we're going to heal and if we're going to find a healthy new life as an individual or a couple, expert help will be a necessity.

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