Samuel Addresses the Statement: 'I Don't Know If I Believe in Us Anymore.'

Samuel addresses the situation where a couple may not believe in their marriage again.

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This hit home!

This is a great discussion! I truly believe in getting expert help in order to heal from traumatic events or experiences. I am the unfaithful and my husband has never been keen on therapy or getting help from outside sources. I've told him how crucial it is to have support from others going through similar events. He's not sure what to do. I feel he's leaning more towards divorce since I have committed multiple infidelities. He's lost, and I'm starting to really put in the effort to find my way. How ironic....

Hi Samuel, thank you for all

Hi Samuel, thank you for all the great videos you did. As a betrayed wife I stumbles upon your videos and watched countless of hours a day, just soaking them in because I want my husband, because I want my marriage, but I am at a point I don't think I believe in us anymore. It's been 1 year since the affair stopped but there is no real progress in our recovery, I feel unsafe, I feel abandoned and unloved. I tried to push recovery videos, I tried leaving Recovery up to him, but nothing is happening, he is much more interested in nurturing his new relationships with new found male friends than he is in nurturing our marriage. Overall it's a 4 year long story and I'm tired of giving and not receiving much in return. However your videos are great and they are good resources for couples wanting recovery. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

so thankful for messages like that

thank you anya.  means a ton to hear such great feedback and insight from you.  i'm sorry for what you're walking through and what you're having to deal with.  appreciate you commenting and watching.  i'll pray for you tonight. 


Thank you

Thank you