Samuel at Affair Recovery Discusses Isolation and the Unfaithful Spouse

Samuel gives direction to both the betrayed and unfaithful on how to deal with isolation after disclosure.

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Thank you

It’s been two months since D day. Thank you for this word, it shows me how I can best support my grieving husband. You’re right, not everyone will understand. As his faithful wife, I see the woundedness that is a result of his choices, he wounded not only me, but himself also. Every part of who he was and is, took a hit; his faith, his friendships, his family relationships with his kids and others, and his relationship with me. He keeps asking, “Oh God, what did I do to those I love best??”

Thank samuel for shining some

Thank samuel for shining some light in this subject and helping have hope.


I am relatively new to these blogs but they have been SO helpful as I'm about 6 weeks in from D-Day! Do you have your testimony story posted anywhere? I would love to hear more about what happened and the journey to where you are now. I need to hear more stories of hope. Thank you!

Making amends?

Thank you Samuel for your insight. Please expand on your comment about making amends with the AP. How does an UH make amends with an AP that's a pathological mate poacher? It would be a potentially enormous safety violation for my BW that I would not want to inflict.

What type of affair was it?

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