Stop Trying to Make Them Love You

Samuel discusses methods of self love and self care in an effort to defeat codependency.

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One word - POWERFUL! Just

One word - POWERFUL! Just what I needed to hear today - I am feeling weak and needed a pep talk to stay the course and most importantly work on myself. I can relate to looking to my spouse to save me - and I acknowledge that I need to save myself through God. It is tough tough work. And I know it is the right choice. I am so thankful for your videos and that you share your wisdom.

so glad it helped

brandsn, thanks so much for the encouragement here my friend.  means a ton and so glad it helped you.


Needed this....

I have listened to this a few times and need to really let it sink in... I know this is what I need to do... my husband can't or won't let go of his AP... they work together and he is her boss. So he would not only have to "break-up" with her but also fire her. He is not willing to do that... not sure if it is out of fear or because he loves her... he says he doesn't want to be married but hasn't filed or moved out... hoping to find the strength to push the envelope... I need to take care of me....

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