Surviving Infidelity Series: How Do We Handle Rejection Before, During & After an Affair?

Rejection is an awful thing to deal with, whether it be from adolescence, high school, or years later from our significant other or spouse. Enter infidelity or addiction, and the rejection monster seemingly sprouts seven other heads. If we are going to move beyond the initial devastation of infidelity, it’s vital that we understand our need for a game plan to process through the painful litany of emotions and overall responses we've probably exhibited. The good news is, there is a way through, and there is a healthy approach for survivors of infidelity to utilize and rely on for clarity and healing. Today, Samuel lays out his own game plan that helped him heal and overcome his own devastation of rejection.

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therapist at AR?

Hello. My unfaithful husband and I have come so far. As of yet, however, he refuses to his own work, instead blaming "the marriage" for his infidelity. If he ever does commit to doing his own work (family of origin a s***show of dysfunction, including sexual dysfunction), is there someone there at AR accepting new clients? We live in Austin. Thanks!

So poignant and immensely helpful.

I really appreciate Sam's perspective and compassion that he shows for the viewers and himself. I truly "feel" his words as genuine and sincere. Rejection is a BIG one. I am grateful for the stand in apology; It allows us to have compassion for ourselves and each other during this incredibly difficult time.
Very helpful video. On the fence, or scared? It's worth the watch. You are not alone.

What type of affair was it?

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