What Forgiveness Is and Isn't

Today Samuel takes us through a crash course in forgiveness, sharing what it is, what it isn't, and what it actually means to forgive.

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Thank you.

Thank you Samuel for talking about what I have been struggling with. It seems society thinks that to forgive is to forget, this has been something I've been having a hard time dealing with, I think at times I have forgiven him but still carry around a lot of anger and sadness. For one thing there is no way of forgetting my husbands emotional affair that went on for many years.


Thanks for this. I really appreciated hearing about the 'Story we tell ourselves'

Those words - 'My life sucks, I'm never going to get out from under the shadow of this, I'm always going to be a failure, I'm always going to disappoint, I'm never going to be able to have a clean slate, I'm never, I'm never, I'm never', I say internally like a constant record. I could add other failures into this too.

Forgiving myself is crucial.

Thanks once again

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