Is It Possible to Forgive Your Spouse Too Early after Infidelity?

Samuel discusses what happens when betrayed spouses consider forgiving their spouse too early in recovery.

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Forgiving too quickly

This is definitely something that I believe happened with us. I (the unfaithful) confessed in November, 2017, and my wife forgave me that night. Or, at least, she said she did. However, a lot of the other steps still happened, including anger, gaslighting, etc. I still struggle with being faithful to her, and I wonder if it should have stung more, and if I'd appreciate her more if she hadn't said she'd forgiven me so quickly. Can't go back and change it now, but I really think the betrayed should take their time and process things as they forgive.

Perfect video for a painful

Perfect video for a painful topic

If that’s me then what?

If I feel like I have forgiven too soon or find myself in a sort of pretend normal - not much discussion about the events, addiction, repeat offense to my needs and a serious sense of fears that feel paralyzing and overwhelming! Like I don’t even make sense or sound rational. Just frustrated with how to navigate through this without another shock, reset, new discoveries or something.

What type of affair was it?

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