Why It Feels like You're Stuck Again in Recovery

Samuel explains why many betrayed spouses feel stuck later in recovery, even after expert help.

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Define infidelity

I strongly relate to your videos and I am able to relate them to my situation. However, my husband doesn't receive the message we'll because all he did was use porn compulsively and behind my back. How do I get him to understand that his behavior was a betrayal and that recovery should be taken just as seriously as if he had an affair.

Needed this today

Thank-you for this blog post. I am almost to the 2 year mark and as a betrayed, I can really relate to this message. I was beginning to feel like something was really wrong. We had made so much progress up to this point. Now why all of a sudden did I feel stuck again? Why did I feel so sad again? I came to this site specifically because of my current feelings. I saw this video and it helped me so much. Thank-you, Samuel.

so glad it helped you.

so so glad it helped. that's my hope and prayer....to help those who are in crisis looking for understanding and hope.  

thank you for commenting as it encourages me and gives me hope to carry on.  

take care my friend.  go easy on yourself. 

What type of affair was it?

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