Recovery is about Detoxing

Detoxing in recovery is not always about the unfaithful spouse and their affair partner or habits, but also about uprooting dysfunction.

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So glad I found this

I came across this blog on YouTube about a month ago and I'm so glad I did. I found out about my husband's affair in May and we decided to try and make it work in June after I had moved out with our son. We currently see a professional on a regular basis and it does help but I must say these blogs have really opened my eyes that he and I are truly not alone and that everything we're feeling, someone else has felt too. Even though we probably know that intellectually, it's huge to hear all your own thoughts and fears come from strangers. One thing I've been struggling with the most is that I see him differently, I'm mourning the man I thought he was. It upsets him and I get it but it's just true and I was wondering if you would be able to do a video on that sometime in the future. Thank you!

Roxanne....thank you

thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words. i know what you feel alone, hopeless and lost . i'm so glad you found us here too . i'm happy to do something soon on seeing your spouse differently. it's a great thought for sure and a great idea. i'm sure many betrayed feel that way. samantha said she was able to see me differently due to the work I was doing in recovery and the true repentance and humility i was showing. she saw me change rather quickly and want to do anything i could to save the marriage. she was used to pride and self absorption so seeing the change and humility really changed her heart and she softened significantly. i'll work on that vlog for sure. thank you again for your encouragement. take care. take it slow and easy one day at a time my friend.

Thank you!

I hadn't realized you responded until I got the notification on the new video today. I rushed out to meet my husband for lunch and we watched it together. I agree with Samantha in saying that I feel much better when I really think about everything he has been doing to truly work on our marriage and help me feel better about him and his commitment to me. There was some new information in November that kind of set us back some and I think that's why I have still been feeling that way towards him but it's definitely going in the right direction. I have since turned him on to this blog as well and even though he was a little apprehensive at first ( I think he thought it was going to be about shaming the unfaithful ) he truly enjoys them and feels like he can understand where I'm coming from as well as handle our bad moments in a more productive way. Anyway, thanks again and we're eagerly awaiting the next video. Rox.

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