Is Your Spouse Addicted to Being Stuck? Part 1

Samuel shares a new vlog on understanding the mindset of an unfaithful spouse who is stuck between their affair partner and their spouse.

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Thank you

Thank you, Samuel. Wow, this is sadly the story of my life. My husband has come home only to leave again for the affair partner 4 times over the past 5 years. We have been married 27 years. I have begun to think he is mentally unstable as a result of all the back and forth. It is so true that after 3 or so days he says he can't do this anymore and feels driven to go back to the affair partner. Since I have experienced this so many times his behavior is so predictable that I could write a script on what will happen next. We have been in Christian counseling through the past 5 years and are currently going again, although he is not home. He is definitely addicted to being stuck and is now saying he wants our marriage and wants us back but is trying to figure out how to come home and stay home but he doesn't trust himself or God enough to believe that's possible since he hasn't been able to do it, yet. We need help to break this vicious cycle and I pray he will be willing to do whatever it takes to get healthy. Hoping to get him to watch this blog to show him there's help and support out there if he would be willing to pursue it.


Hi Samuel, My spouse is not addicted to the AP but addicted to going to the bar, which is where he met AP. I asked him to stop and he did for some time but says its just who he is. He doesn't drink alot or stay long, but still, it hurts because he chooses to do this even though he knows it is very difficult for me to deal with. Do I want to go with him as he's asked me before? No, not really. I'm not much of a hang out at the bar kind of person. Is this a scenario that follows any of what you talked about?

What type of affair was it?

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