Creating Safe Environments

Recovery after infidelity is difficult at best and scary at it's worst. For the betrayed spouse to even begin to wrap their heas around it and consider the healing process, there has to be safety. Let's discuss what the unfaithful spouse can do for their mate to help them feel safe enough to begin to move forward.

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Safe or no

I need to see or read about the unfaithful spouse stopping all contact with AP. My husband would feel that he has and yet he posts a devotional on FB in a public forum so he can minister to the AP who has no one to turn to... Also he continues to look at her FB page where she continues to post things public. I don't really feel like we can really move forward until she is out of our life. I have implored him to block her but he can't bring himself to take that step. Which article or video addresses this very specifically, NO CONTACT!