Survivor and the View of "Evil" in Today's World

Most everyone is familiar with “Survivor,” a reality show where 20 men and women try to “outwit, outlast, and outplay” each other. This is done by physical ability, intelligence, and sometimes by deception and deceit. In other words one of the ways to succeed is to be “evil”.

The latest season ended last Sunday and of the last 3 contestants, one used every “evil” tactic possible to get to the finals. In the final vote the contestants got to choose who they think was best at “outwitting, outlasting and outplaying” the other finalists. The “evil” player was chosen in last place due to his tactics and strategy. The winner was chosen because she was “less evil” than the other finalists. All the jury members had been affected directly by the “evil” tactics and strategy.

In the same finale a nationwide poll was taken of who the viewers thought should win the game. Overwhelmingly the choice was the “evil” player.

This got me thinking about how we perceive and react to “evil” or immoral acts. When we are directly affected by them, we tend to react accordingly but when we just view them from afar the “evil” doesn’t seem quite as wrong. When we are directly affected by adultery or immorality, we react appropriately, but when we just observe adultery or other immorality on TV or from afar it seems less offensive and even almost acceptable.

I think we need to be on guard for what is happening with the state of today’s morals. America should be ashamed of accepting or even applauding “evil” as good.

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totally agree

What a great blog with a great message.  If only more people wanted to make a positive change.  It's so tough to live in the world with a set of morals when so many seem to be lacking.   It's so hard.  Sexuality and immorality is everywhere - it's pushed down our throughts in song lyrics, movies and magazine covers.  I'm frightened for my girls who will grow up in this world.

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