How to Design a Travel Plan to Stay Safe, Connected, and Accountable

After infidelity or addiction is revealed in a relationship, business travel can sometimes be an unavoidable trigger, especially when the one traveling was also the unfaithful. Professionals such as airline pilots, for example, cannot avoid travel as part of their job, leaving the betrayed partner behind to worry and wonder what their mate is doing on the road. If you have been unfaithful but are now committed to recovery, there are some important steps you'll need to take in order to stay safe, accountable, and connected while away from home.

For addicts in particular, it is imperative to develop your travel plan before you leave for your trip, and go over your plan with others who are in recovery to double-check for any weaknesses or opportunities to act out or relapse. Building in routines such as exercise, check-ins with your recovery network, maintaining spiritual practices, selecting safe entertainment options, and being intentional about alcohol use are important. Join Mickey today as he shares some tips on what worked for him while traveling on business, that helped him stay on track in his recovery from sexual addiction. Your ultimate goal is to get home safe and sober - and celebrate your success with your mate and your recovery community.

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