Why Do Addiction Recovery?

Today you'll hear from our newest video blogger, Mickey. Have you ever considered that there may be benefits to addiction recovery work? Maybe you're wondering 'can anything good ever come of my addiction?' Today you'll hear not only a few positives that have come out of Mickey's journey, but you'll also gain a palatable understanding of how to move through addiction into wholeness and personal restoration.

In the journey of healing, it's vital that we find healing guides who have walked this way before, who can courageously share their stories of successes and failures. Today is the first in a new series by Mickey highlighting the benefits of working a recovery program. During this series, he will share his own journey of healing and restoration, as it pertains to sex addiction and saving his own marriage. With over two decades spent healing both himself and his family, Mickey shares actual positives that have come out of his addiction recovery work. Maybe you are unable to find anything good that has or will come out of the work you're doing? Perhaps it's been a struggle to find any tangible hope or redeeming perspective that can come from what you've both been through? Today we hope and pray that by listening to Mickey's clear and practical insight into healing from sex addiction, you will find the courage to keep going.

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