Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Mickey and Stephanie's Mentor Video

Below you will find a video from one of our mentor couples that is included in our Free 7 Day Bootcamp and the full length version is included with EMS Online for couples. . They share their difficult journey through infidelity including sex addiction and a child born from an affair.



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further help for sex addiction

Thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I live in Austin. We haven't had any luck finding a good sex addiction therapist for him, which makes him feel like his recovery is being delayed and is very discouraging. Can someone please recommend sex addiction therapists for us to go see here in Austin?

Yes there's help

Check out "Heart to Heart" in Colorado Springs. the founder is a dude named Doug Weiss.
It is a clinic/centre that offers:
Sex Addiction counselling for Addicts;
Partners counselling for spouses of Addicts;
Groups (phone-in or live, depending on if there's a group in your area);
Intensives for individuals and couples;

I've never been, but my spouse and I do the workbooks, go to groups every week, and have done some phone-in couples counselling with one of their couples therapists.

I know that in the U.S., sex addiction is not recognized as an addiction, therefore limited therapists offering help in this area (insurance purposes? liability?). However, the World Health Organization does recognize sex addiction as real and harmful, so you might be able to find some quality sex addiction/partners recovery therapists in Canada, or Europe.

Mickey and Stephanie

Hi there

I live in South Africa and 4 months ago found out my husband was having an affair. Turns out he had been with 3 prostitutes and one of them he fell in love with. After a year she then contacted me to tell me she was pregnant with his child. Your story was the only one Ive since heard that is remotely similar to mine. My husband and I are now living apart but are trying to deal with what has happened and looking at reconciling our marriage. Id really like to get involved in a support group with people with similar stories but cant find anything here. Is there a possible way of getting involved with affair recovery so i could become part of a group. thanks Lisa

What type of affair was it?

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