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Travel Plan: How to Create One and Why They're Worthwhile 3/31/2021
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Relapse: Why Can't You Stop? 10/07/2020
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Q&A What Continued Work Do You Recommend for the Years to Come? 7/16/2020
Q&A How Can I Trust My Husband in the Future If Only He and I Know? 6/03/2020
Q&A How Do I Avoid Relapse? 5/28/2020
Q&A How Do the Processes for Recovery and Relapse Prevention Differ for Sex Addicts? 5/19/2020
Q&A What Advice Do You Have for Helping Us Break Contact with the Affair Partner? 4/16/2020
Q&A What Behaviors Constitute Relapse? 3/10/2020
Q&A Is There Hope of Healing without Relapse along the Way? 2/20/2020
Q&A How Can We Prevent Relapse in This Work Situation? 2/14/2020
Q&A How Do We Keep the Affair Partner from Pursuing My Spouse? 2/14/2020
Q&A Can I Trust That the Affair Is Really Over? 1/03/2020
Q&A How Do I Handle My Spouse Still Trying to Contact the Affair Partner? 12/16/2019
Q&A At What Point Do the Thoughts, Feelings, and Mental Pictures Go Away? 11/21/2019
Q&A Should We Continue with the Course Work in Spite of Relapse? 11/14/2019
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Q&A What Applications and Filters Do You Recommend to Keep Us Safe? 9/18/2019
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Q&A How Long Will It Take for My Husband to Retrain His Thinking? 9/13/2019
Q&A What Do His Boundary Violations Mean? 9/13/2019
Q&A How Can I Show My Spouse That I'm on the Right Path to Recovery? 8/14/2019
Q&A How Do We Maintain Peace When We Live in Close Proximity to the Affair Partner? 7/10/2019
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Q&A Is It Okay for the Wayward Spouse to Journal about the Affair Partner? 4/30/2019
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How to Prevent Relapse: Healing After an Affair 3/20/2019