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Text Why Couples Fail After an Affair | Part 2 - Not Getting It 6/01/2022
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Video Limerence: Infatuation and How It Works 4/27/2022
Text Affair Partners: Eight Reasons Not to Confront Them 2/23/2022
Text Betrayal Trauma: How We Get Stuck in Trauma Bonds 2/09/2022
Text Grieving Betrayal 1/19/2022
Text Dealing with Reminders 12/29/2021
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Text Surviving Infidelity: 6 Things I Wish I'd Known 3/03/2021
Text When to Save a Marriage and Surviving Infidelity 2/17/2021
Video Surviving Infidelity Part 2: What Didn’t Work For Unfaithful Spouses 6/24/2020
Text Revenge: Responding to an Affair 4/15/2020
Video Q&A Has Sexual Imprinting Led to My Affair? 3/26/2020
Video Q&A Is Compatibility More Important Than Love for a Successful Marriage? 11/22/2019
Text Healing After Infidelity: What Doesn't Work. 8/21/2019
Audio Rekindling Desire After An Affair 4/04/2019
Text Monotonous Monogamy and the Emotional Affair 6/27/2018
Video Q&A At What Point Is the Marriage So Broken, That There's No Hope of Recovery? 1/23/2018
Text Forgiving Infidelity: What Forgiveness Is NOT 1/18/2018
Video Q&A What is the Dynamic of the Relationship between Your Ex-Spouses and Their Affair Partners? 8/10/2017
Video Q&A What Do You Do When Your Spouse Is Withholding from You? 8/10/2017
Video Q&A When Can We Focus on the Affair Rather Than Problems in the Marriage? 8/10/2017
Video Q&A Are We Deluded about His Porn and Alcohol Use? 8/10/2017
Video Q&A Can We Recover from This? 8/02/2017
Video Q&A Is His Affair Too Big for Us to Overcome? 7/19/2017
Video Q&A If He Truly Has Disclosed Everything but I Still Feel Like He Hasn't, How Can We Move Forward? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A If He Truly Has Disclosed Everything but I Still Feel Like He Hasn't, How Can We Move Forward? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Do We Revert Back to Our Old State Once the Threat Disappears? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Is Asking Questions Abusive? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Support Him When He Struggles to Be Safe for Us? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Will Marriage Therapy Work If the Unfaithful Spouse Doesn't Have to Discuss What Happened? 7/12/2017
Video Q&A Why Has New Information Been Such a Major Setback for Me? 7/05/2017
Video Q&A How Do I Know If This Is Progress or Pretend Normal? 6/28/2017
Video Q&A Am I Crazy for Not Wanting My Husband to Be around His Affair Partner? 6/28/2017
Video Q&A Is It Necessary to Confess My One Night Stand to My Unfaithful Spouse? 5/10/2017
Video Q&A After Discovering My Affair My Mate Began a New Relationship. How Does This Work with EMS Online? 5/10/2017
Video Q&A How Can I Work towards Healing If I Don't Feel We Are at Ground Zero? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A Should We Discuss My Faults in the Marriage Now or Wait until He Takes Responsibility for His Infidelities? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A Is It Me or My Trauma That's Holding Us Back? 5/03/2017
Video Q&A He Blames His Addiction on My Lack of Connection and I Blame My Lack of Connection on His Addiction. 4/25/2017
Video Q&A Is There Hope for This to Get Better? 4/12/2017
Video Q&A How Can I Continue to Support Myself and Keep Our Tenuous Truce without Burning Out? 4/12/2017
Video Q&A How Common are Affairs? 4/12/2017
Video Q&A What does Working Through this in a healthy way look like for me and my children? 4/05/2017
Video Expert Q&A Preview: How Can My Husband Overcome His Ambivalence? 3/29/2017
Video Q&A Why Should I Stay in a Marriage That Wasn't So Great to Begin With? 3/29/2017
Video Q&A Can You Help Me Understand Our Counselors Process? 3/22/2017