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Social Shame: Have You Been Dishonored? 12/01/2021
Social Shame: Understanding the Paralysis of it 11/24/2021
Q&A Why Is My Wayward Spouse Playing the Victim in Our Relationship? 11/19/2021
Q&A Can His Expressed Feelings of Love Be True When He Was Deceiving and Betraying Me? 11/19/2021
Q&A How Much Should I Allow My Hurt Spouse to Vent and Control Conversations? 11/19/2021
Q&A What Can I Ask My Spouse to Do That Also Requires the Same Amount of Effort in the Process of Recovery? 11/19/2021
Q&A Should My Unfaithful Spouse Make a Symbolic Sacrifice to Help My Healing? 11/04/2021
Q&A What Type of Dilemma Am I In? 11/04/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 4: The Problem With Addictions 11/03/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 3: Do They Have an Addiction? 10/27/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 2: Entrapped or Enchanted 10/20/2021
Why Did They Cheat? Part 1:The Role of Oxytocin 10/13/2021
Q&A Is He Sincere? 10/07/2021
Q&A How Do I Get My Husband to Not Only Acknowledge the Humiliation upon Our Family and Me, but Also to Fix the Amount of Humiliation He’s Placed on Our Family to Our Town? 10/07/2021
Q&A Is It Common for the Wayward Spouse to Go Back to the Affair Partner? 10/07/2021
Q&A Did I Do the Right Thing by Sharing My Trigger and How Do I Handle This Situation in the Future? 10/07/2021
Q&A Why Is My Husband Deleting Messages to His Mother before I See Them? 10/07/2021
Healing After an Affair: How do I Address Unmanageability? 10/06/2021
The #1 Challenge to Recovery 9/29/2021
Healing After An Affair: Emotional Flooding & Reminders 9/22/2021
Q&A What Do I Do about a Sex Tape That My Spouse Made with the Affair Partner? 9/08/2021
Q&A How Do I Move On When I Feel like He’s Lying about What Really Happened? 9/08/2021
Q&A Should I do EMDR or Harboring Hope First? 9/08/2021
Q&A Where Do I Go After EMS Online? 8/17/2021
A Betrayed Spouse’s Journey: Rewriting the Past After Disclosure 8/11/2021
Q&A How Do Handle My Wife Having a Same-Sex Affair? 8/02/2021
Q&A How Do I Behave around My Family When My Sister Is the Affair Partner? 8/02/2021
How Do You Deal With Anger After Infidelity? 7/28/2021
Q&A Do You Have Any Insights into My Wayward Spouse's Line of Thinking? 7/08/2021
Q&A Where Do I Go from Here When My Spouse Is Mostly Defensive and Blame Shifting? 7/08/2021
Q&A How Do I Reconcile with the Affair Partner Who Is My Sister? 7/08/2021
Q&A Is It Okay to Ask to the the 40 Cost Assignment from EMS Weekend Again? 7/08/2021
How Can You Move Past Ambivalence After Infidelity? 7/07/2021
The Antidote for Shame: Understanding the Unfaithful 6/23/2021
Q&A How Can I Pretend Normal Around Family When Even Thoughts of Them Are Triggering and Intrusive? 6/17/2021
Q&A How Can I Move Forward While Convinced That He Is Still Lying to Me? 6/17/2021
Q&A How Can I Help Him Heal and Yet Remain Open and Honest with Him about the Facts and Not What His Feelings about the Facts Are? 6/17/2021
Stuck? 3 Methods to Get Moving in Infidelity Recovery 6/09/2021
Q&A How Can I Tell If the Problem Isn’t My Mate, but Me? 6/03/2021
Mental Health and Parenting: How to Support Yourself and Your Kids 6/02/2021
How Couples Can Promote Good Mental Health During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic 5/26/2021
Q&A What Do I Do in the Meantime? 5/25/2021
Q&A What Are the Old Behaviors That I Should Seek to Avoid? 5/25/2021
Q&A Does Experimental Same Sex Acting Out Require Special Layers or Nuances to the Recovery Process? 5/25/2021
Hope Rising Conference 2021 Announcement: Words of Wisdom from Keynote Speaker Shauna Shanks 5/19/2021
Q&A How Can We Ever Build Trust? 5/12/2021
Q&A Should I Ask My Wife to Take Another Polygraph? 5/12/2021
Affair Recovery Steps: How to Live Without Fear After Infidelity 5/12/2021
How to Get Your Mate to Cooperate (Without Being Controlling) 5/05/2021
Q&A How Do I Navigate Such Extreme Triggers from Discovery? 4/22/2021