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There are many aspects in the recovery of the betrayed spouse that will look very different from the unfaithful spouse. These articles are written specifically for healing and to provide hope and encouragement for the hurt spouse.
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Video Q&A How Can I Be More Help to My Wayward Spouse Like He Has Been for Me? 4/03/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Deal with My Unfaithful Spouse’s Inability to Self-Reflect? 3/19/2024
Video Q&A How Can Someone Love You Even During the Betrayal? 3/19/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Get the Affair Partners Out of My Head? 3/19/2024
Video Q&A What Do I Do with an Unfaithful Spouse Who Will Not Provide Me with Full Disclosure? 2/28/2024
Video Q&A Is It Possible for Him to Rebuild Real Empathy and Actually Care about Me Again? 2/28/2024
Video Understanding the Mind of the Unfaithful: Minimizing the Affair 2/14/2024
Video Q&A Why Should I Go through This Program If I Don’t Believe My Unfaithful Spouse Loves Me Anymore? 1/30/2024
Video Q&A How Could My Unfaithful Partner Just Forget about the Affair Partner and What They Did Together? 1/30/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Get over the Fact He Wanted to Walk Out on Us? 1/30/2024
Text What is Healing? 1/10/2024
Video Q&A Given That Addiction Is Part of His Personality with the Alcohol Abuse, Is He Also a Sex Addict? Is There Any Chance He Might Get Better with DBT Therapy? 1/09/2024
Video Q&A Are My Assumptions about the Affair Partner’s Intentions Reasonable? 1/09/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Tell My Unfaithful Spouse I Need Access to His Devices to Feel Safe? 1/09/2024
Video Q&A Can You Give Me Input on How My Mate Justified Their Actions? 1/09/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Get past Feeling So Much Time Was Stolen from Me? 1/09/2024
Video Q&A How Do I Deal With My Husband’s Anger? 1/09/2024
Text Surviving the Holidays: 6 Tips 12/20/2023
Text Who is the Other Woman? 12/06/2023
Video Q&A Does the Wayward Spouse Have a Right to Ask the Betrayed What Source They Are Using to Find Information about the Affair? 11/28/2023
Video Q&A Can You Help Me Understand Why My Partner Has Never Cried? 11/28/2023
Text Did You Marry the Wrong Person? 11/01/2023
Text Healing After an Affair: How do I Address Unmanageability? 10/24/2023
Video Q&A What Is My Role in My Husband’s Healing Journey If He Has Been a Serial Cheater for Our Whole Dating & Marriage Relationship? 10/23/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Create Safety for Myself with an Addict That Is Not Seeking Out Help for Himself? 10/23/2023
Video Q&A How Can I Help My Mate Understand the Devastation I’m Experiencing Because of Them Giving Me An STD? 10/23/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Commit to This Marriage When I Promised Myself I’d Never Stay with Someone Who Cheated On Me? 10/23/2023
Video Q&A Are the Requests I’m Making to Feel Safe Unreasonable? 10/23/2023
Video Q&A Can You Address Ambivalence on Behalf of the Betrayed Spouse? 10/23/2023
Video Q&A Is It Reasonable for Me to Feel Unsafe When My Wife Is around the Affair Partner without Me? 10/23/2023
Text The Betrayed's Reaction: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 10/18/2023
Text Surviving Infidelity: The #1 Challenge to Recovery 10/04/2023
Video Q&A Is Minimal Contact the Right Thing to Do at This Moment? 9/29/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Heal from the Profound Pain Caused by My Unfaithful Spouse Treating Me with Disdain for So Long? 9/29/2023
Text Healing After an Affair: Emotional Flooding and Reminders 9/20/2023
Video Q&A Can My Wife Be In Limerence Twice with the Same Man or Is It Love? 9/12/2023
Video Q&A How Long until My Husband Will Stop Focusing On Himself and Start Showing Up for Me? 9/12/2023
Text How Do You Deal With Anger After Infidelity? 9/06/2023
Text Relapse: Why Can't You Stop? 8/23/2023
Text A Betrayed Spouse’s Journey: Rewriting the Past After Disclosure 8/16/2023
Video Q&A How Can I Even Buckle Down and Finish EMS Online Knowing That Essentially I Was Discarded? 8/15/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Show Empathy Towards My Wife after Her Revenge Affair When She Refuses to Give Full Disclosure? 8/15/2023
Text The Antidote for Shame: Understanding the Unfaithful 7/26/2023
Text How Can You Move Past Ambivalence After Infidelity? 7/19/2023
Text Stuck? Three Methods to Get Moving in Infidelity Recovery 7/12/2023
Video Q&A Can You Help Me Understand How My Husband Can Be Apathetic toward the Affair Partner? 6/29/2023
Video Q&A How Do I Stop the Triggers and Reminders When Every Day They Are There? 6/29/2023
Video Q&A What Is the Best Way to Acknowledge the Work My Husband Is Doing Without Giving Him Too Much Praise? 6/16/2023
Video Q&A Is It Common for Betrayed Spouses to Have Trouble with Depression and Lack of Focus Which Detrimentally Affects Their Work? 6/16/2023
Video Q&A Why Would He Go Back to the Same Person He Thinks Is So Nasty? 6/16/2023