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Video Betrayal Trauma: Tips for Talking with Your Spouse 5/22/2024
Video A Toxic Mix: Gaslighting and Infidelity 5/15/2024
Video Signs There Could Be Abusive Behaviors in Your Relationship 5/08/2024
Video Creating Healing Spaces 5/01/2024
Text Understanding Codependency and Betrayal: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 4/24/2024
Video The Affair Causing Habit 4/17/2024
Text Lessons Learned After Infidelity 4/10/2024
Text Overcoming the Barriers to Recommitment 4/03/2024
Video The Truth About Lying 3/27/2024
Video Psychological Abuse Within Infidelity 3/20/2024
Video Regulating Our Stress Response During Recovery 3/13/2024
Text How to Survive Infidelity 3/06/2024
Text Dealing with Reminders 2/28/2024
Video Manifestation of Shame Part 1: The Unfaithful 2/21/2024
Video Understanding the Mind of the Unfaithful: Minimizing the Affair 2/14/2024
Text Betrayal Trauma: How We Get Stuck in Trauma Bonds 2/07/2024
Text Why Did My Spouse Cheat? A Crucial Question In Healing After An Affair 1/31/2024
Video What Does Doing the Work of Infidelity Recovery Mean for the Unfaithful - Infidelity Recovery 1/24/2024
Text Grieving Betrayal 1/17/2024
Text What is Healing? 1/10/2024
Video Common Mistakes Made When Recovering from Infidelity 12/27/2023
Text Surviving the Holidays: 6 Tips 12/20/2023
Text Hope For Healing Excerpt: How Does The Unfaithful Make Amends? 12/12/2023
Text Who is the Other Woman? 12/06/2023
Text Recovering from Infidelity: Difficulties with Intimacy 11/28/2023
Video Community for Healing from Infidelity – Affair Recovery 11/22/2023
Text Affair Recovery: The Number One Question and How to Answer It 11/15/2023
Text Forgiving Infidelity: The Gift of Forgiveness 11/07/2023
Text Did You Marry the Wrong Person? 11/01/2023
Text Healing After an Affair: How do I Address Unmanageability? 10/24/2023
Text The Betrayed's Reaction: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 10/18/2023
Text Surviving Infidelity: 6 Things I Wish I'd Known 10/11/2023
Text Surviving Infidelity: The #1 Challenge to Recovery 10/04/2023
Text The Importance of Wisdom Following Infidelity 9/27/2023
Text Healing After an Affair: Emotional Flooding and Reminders 9/20/2023
Text How Long Does It Take to Recover From An Affair? 9/13/2023
Text How Do You Deal With Anger After Infidelity? 9/06/2023
Text The Fight to Forgive 8/30/2023
Text Relapse: Why Can't You Stop? 8/23/2023
Text A Betrayed Spouse’s Journey: Rewriting the Past After Disclosure 8/16/2023
Text My Spouse Had an Affair: What Should I Do Now? 8/09/2023
Text Infidelity Counseling: How Effective Is It? 8/02/2023
Text The Antidote for Shame: Understanding the Unfaithful 7/26/2023
Text Is Ambivalence Common When Healing from Infidelity? 7/19/2023
Text How Can You Move Past Ambivalence After Infidelity? 7/19/2023
Text Stuck? Three Methods to Get Moving in Infidelity Recovery 7/12/2023
Text Denial and Recovery After an Affair 7/05/2023
Text Recovering From Infidelity Pain: Are They Lying About ‘Why’? 6/28/2023
Text Hope for Healing Excerpt: 'Is My Life Out of Control?' 6/21/2023
Text Discovery: Why Do I Want to Know? 6/14/2023